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Financial Options

At XOS (UK) we can offer excellent lease agreements, through our financial supplier's, with some of the best rates available in the industry.

If you choose to buy or lease XOS will guide you all the way through the sales process, offering expert knowledge and hassle free service.

Benefits to Leasing

Tax relief

Lease Payments are 100% tax deductible which makes leasing a highly efficient financial strategy for all types of business

No Capital Outlay

There is no capital outlay or deposit required– just the rentals paid in advance.

Budget Forecasts

Budget Forecasts Leasing provides certainty and ease of budgeting as your payments are fixed over the life of the equipment.

Improved Cashflow

Leasing can save you from sinking capital into a depreciating asset enabling you to invest in product development, marketing or other business opportunities.

Upgrading Existing Equipment

If the equipment is purchased, it may drop in value very quickly due to the ever changing world of technology. With leasing you can upgrade at any time allowing your business to keep up with the latest technology on the market.

Future Credit

Leasing gives you an additional line of credit and does not affect your existing credit lines. Also, unlike borrowing from the bank, leasing will not tie up any assets in the form of security or collateral, and is not affected by fluctuations in interest rates.

Maximising Affordability

Leasing Allows you to spread the cost of the equipment over a designated period of time. Therefore purchase decisions which could be delayed if purchasing outright with lump sum cash payments can be brought forward.